Rev-co Spring Manufacturing Inc.

Compression Springs


Wire Forms

Torsion Springs (Single or Double)

Die Springs

Clock Springs

Flat Forms

Four Slide Products


We build from customer specifications, prints or examples. Our springs are used in various industries such as

agricultural, medical, valve, sports equipment, and other industries.

Our wide range of capabilities include:

  • Automatic coiling from .003" - .562"
  • Coiling on W-100, W-10A, W-11A, W-12A, W13, W-24
  • Fourslide's #1, #2, #4
  • CNC Machines - springs & wire forms
  • Lathe winder up to .625"
  • Fourslide parts up to .375" wire size

Manufacturing Precision Springs

Flat Forms - Wire Forms - Large & Small Quantities

Rev-Co Springs Mfg. Inc proudly serving you from the Santa Fe Springs area since 1973, brings over 75 years of experience to the production of springs, wire forms, and flat forms. Rev-co maintains a high quality product for mechanical industrial, and electronic uses where close tolerances and superior performance are required.

Rev-Co is eager to work with you to meet your needs for commercial and precision springs.